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Radiator 2.0/3.0 TDI  for BMW 3 SERIES

Product Specification Info

Product Code: BW2293
Manufacturer: Bmw
Model: 3 Series
Start - End year: 2005 - 2008
Model type: Bmw 3 / E90 2005>2008 Saloon
Certificate: OEM/OES
Fit Position:

This Radiator 2.0/3.0 TDI will fit the following vehicles.

If colour matching is required on this Item

Please Note:
Our parts only come in either primed or non primed parts, unless otherwise stated and whilst ever effort is made to ensure accuracy of specifications of this Item, before you get the item sprayed to the colour you require, please make sure it fits correctly to your vehicle, as we are unable to offer an exchange or refund on parts that don't fit correctly after they have been colour matched.

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L/H = Near side (Passenger Side)

R/H = Offside (Drivers Side)

Fit Positions:

FR = Front Right

FL = Front Left

RR = Rear Right

RL = Rear Left

Colour Matching

We Don't offer colour matched parts, only primed and non-primed parts, unless otherwise stated

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